Add cost estimate to Bundle Configuration

In Progress


Chris Hill

2 years ago

It would be great to see the estimated cost of the bundle based on the configured settings.



Lukas Kahwe Smith

last year

my vote goes for providing this for Azure :)


Anonymous #13302

last year

Yeah, that would be nice. There's a tool called infracost, but the less tooling, the better and easier to administer.

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Anonymous #18046

3 months ago

Would be nice to leverage our infracost to incorporate our custom pricing.


Cory ODaniel

3 months ago

This is in the works. We are going to be open sourcing a CLI version of the platform in May with the ability to customize all steps of the provisioning process! We'll be supporting custom images and shipping about 5-10 supported integrations out of the box (including infracost).

If you have functionality in mind please feel free to email me at cory at!

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