Add force-redeploy flag for application deploy



Gustavo Burckhardt

4 quarters ago

My deployment process is based on carrying an images on to environments (staging/qa -> production), for that matter we set our application's image tag on mass driver to "staging", however I noticed that mass application deploy does nothing if the bundle configuration didn´t change. Therefore I had to rely on aws cli to redeploy the new image tagged as 'staging' (aws ecs update-service --force-new-deployment)



Cory ODaniel changed the status to In Progress

4 quarters ago


Cory ODaniel

4 quarters ago

Support for a force deployment option on ECS targets.

You don't have to wait until this is merged, there is a git patch you can apply to any templates you have rendered. You'll be able to set that value per app environment to always have it turned on, optionally, you can configure it in your CI with:

mass app patch APP_PACKAGE_ID --set='.force_new_deployment = true'


Cory ODaniel changed the status to Completed

3 quarters ago

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